Holistic Life Coaching

“Create the Life you truly desire”


 Holistic life coaching at Be in Harmony specializes in coaching for introverts. This means your coaching sessions are calm, gentle, and encouraging for your unique personality.


Your coach uses a highly personalized approach. During your coaching sessions, you will explore your personality type, core needs, values,   thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Your coach gets to know you for the unique person you are.  Then a complete individualized plan is developed to meet your specific needs and goals for coaching

Holistic Coaching sessions focus on helping you to discover a sense of balance and control over your life. Your coach empowers you with the techniques to move forward and feel confident to create the life you truly desire. 

Holistic Life Coaching can help you

  • Manage stress and create life balance.
  • Find your life purpose.
  • Improve your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Understand your strengths as an introvert and make them work for you.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your behaviour patterns, emotions and feelings
  • Get to know your personal values and use them to motivate yourself.
  • Find a career that you love.
  • Improve your health and well-being
  • Make yourself and your self-care a priority
  • Create  healthy relationships with yourself, and others
  • Learn skills in communicating effectively
  • Shift old behaviours and patterns that hold you back from creating a life you want. 

 How I work with you

 You begin with a single session to make sure my services are the right fit for you. Together we discuss your intention for coaching and your goals you want to achieve.  An individual program is developed to help you reach your goals and create the life you desire.

 A follow-up summary will be emailed to you, outlining any plans of action we have discussed in your session.

 Your coaching program includes either three or six-session with Tanya. Initially, you can start with a single session to make sure my services are right for fit for you.

Sessions are available from the comfort of your own home online via Zoom. In-person consultation can be booked, on request at my office in Berwick.








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