Holistic Counselling

Create Harmony Emotionally, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

Be in Harmony uses a highly personalised approach to holistic counselling working with mind, body, emotions and spirit. Your therapist gets to know you for the unique person you are. We will explore your personality type, core needs, and values. Then a complete individualized plan is developed to meet your specific needs and goals for counselling.

During your holistic counselling session, you will be support and guide to discover the root cause of your feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

Your therapist will work with you using a combination of therapies that may include: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Personal Centre Therapy, Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Mindfulness, Yoga Therapy, Energy Healing.

Your holistic counselling session focuses on building a trusting nurturing relationship, where you feel safe and supported in your personal healing journey.


Holistic Counselling can help you with:

• Techniques for managing anxiety, depression, and panic attacks

• Create healthy relationships with yourself, family and other

• Work through loss and grief

• Manage stress and gain a sense of inner calm

• Gain a sense of balance and control over your life

• Improve your confidence and self-belief

• Develop a deeper understanding of your behaviour patterns

• Improve your health and wellbeing.

 How I work with you

You begin with a single session to make sure my services are the right fit for you. Together we explore what is happening for you and establishing your needs and intention for counselling. Then an individual plan using a range of therapies is developed to help you heal in a safe and gentle way.

 Sessions are available from the comfort of your own home online via Zoom. In-person consultation can be arranged on request at my office in Berwick. 

After your session, a follow-up summary is emailed to you detailing a plan of action that we have designed during your session.


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