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Your Calming Sanctuary for Your Mind Body and Emotions    

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Introducing Be In Harmony Membership

Your complete toolkit all in one place. You can reach for any time you need to rebalance your body mind, and emotions. 


An Introverts Guide to Pursuing Your Passion

You don’t have to figure it all out alone.

Think of Be In Harmony membership as your 24/7 toolkit you can access anytime you need to calm your mind, rebalance your energy or realease unwanted  emotions.

Do you want to release feelings of overwhelm, improve your mindset and discover emotional harmony?



What's Inside the Membership?

Access Live Guided Hypnotherapy Session

Each month you get full access to my  live online session.  In these  guided session, I share a blend of hypnotherapy, journaling and energy healing. The sessions support you to heal, rebalance and recharge your energy.

New Calming Meditations Each Month

Access to the growing library of guided meditations. Just hit play to calm your mind in as little as 10 minutes! Each month you receive a new guided meditation to support your mental well-being.


Coaching With Practical Tools To Ease Anxiety

Monthly coaching that will help you calm mind, body and emotions fast. These coaching sessions are packed full of  practical tools that you can quickly implement into your daily life  with to ease. 

Sleep Hypnotherapy To Support A Deep Restful Sleep

Each month you receive a new guided sleep hypnotherapy session. Designed to unwind you from your day and improve your sleep. This session will support you to release emotional, mental and physical stress. You will be guided into a relaxing deep state of sleep. Helping you to wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

A Supportive Community for Introverts

Access to our private member’s community. This is a place where you can connect with other. Get support and be authentically yourself. Our community is a 100% welcoming space, where you feel a sense of belonging and understanding.

Full Access To Challenges

All-access to pass to all of my challenges. Release old patterns and behaviours. Create the change in your life by forming new habits.

  1. Anxiety-Releasing Challenge
  2. Self-Compassion Challenge
  3. Meditation Challenge


Sooth Your Mind, Body and Emotion's

 Find Balance:

Take time out of this busy overwhelming world.  Discover your sanctuary to calm, balance and replenish your energy.

 Conquer Your Overactive Mind  

We’re here to give you the tools to calm your overactive mind and shift your mindset in a positive way.

Discover Emotional Harmony   

Release feelings and emotions in a safe, and gently way. Learn techniques to connect with and soothe your emotions will empower you to navigate life’s ups and downs more effectively. Building emotional harmony is an essential step towards a more balanced life.

Embrace Genuine Connections:

No more feeling alone! Inside Be In Harmony membership is a nurturing community where understanding and heartfelt connections are formed.


With the modalities I share inside the membership, you will have access to powerful tools to make lasting changes with ease and be the best version of yourself.


I’m here to help!

Tanya Francois

 ‘Hey, I’m Tanya, 

Allow me to share a little glimpse of who I am.

I’m a certified hypnotherapist, a compassionate counsellor, and a holistic coach. This allows me to bring together a unique blend of modalities to share with you.

As an introvert, I have had to face my struggles with protecting my energy, feeling anxious and battling my inner critic.

I get what it feels like when your energy is depleted by this overwhelming world, your mind goes in to overdrive with thoughts, and you feel emotions  out of balance.

But guess what?

You don’t have to feel this way. 

Let me give you the tool that I personally use to calm my mind, rebalance my energy or release emotions.  Inside the Be In Harmony membership.

It’s your 24/7 toolkit you can access anytime you need to calm and rebalance mind, body and emotions.  . 


“When you create harmony in your mind, body and emotions your whole life will begin to transform”

Be In Harmony Membership 

Your Calming Sanctuary for Your Mind Body and Emotions 

Here is your sneak peek inside!

What is included?

Each month you will receive a new pre-recoded

A Coaching with practical Tools to ease mind, body and emotions.

✨Access to live hypnotherapy sessions designed to support you to make changes with ease.

✨Guided Meditation to calm mind and body

✨ Sleep hypnotherapy session to support deep restful sleep

✨Journaling prompts to deepen your practice and self-reflection

✨Plus you get access to an amazingly supportive community

Full all-access pass to all three of my challenges! Release old patterns and behaviours.

What Other’s Say about Tanya’s Support 

I’m a busy mum when I first came to Tanya my life was chaotic. Through my therapy sessions, I was able to finally see how I was putting everyone else’s needs before mine. Through my sessions with Tanya, I was able to discover and give myself permission to tended to my needs. Tanya was able to guide me in a gentle, supportive way. I love the different therapy styles that Tanya used, I really felt cared for during my sessions.

(K. B, Victoria, Australia)

 The benefits I received from the sessions with Tanya  gave me an insight into the emotions I had been experiencing in different situations in my life. I learning to understand and handle these emotions to benefit my well-being. Tanya helped me to be in tune with my thoughts, emotions, and actions. Tanya offered support and the space to evaluate and improve my life.  Now I know when challenges came up and I can handle the situation in a more positive way due to the tools Tanya gave me. Learning about myself in a positive environment with a caring, non-judgement and supportive therapist, was a wonderful experience for me.

(LM, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

“Thank you Tanya so much for the your support  I really felt a difference afterwards; I was ready to face an upcoming challenge which I had previously thought I wasn’t up to, as I didn’t have the confidence. Not only was I calm and quietly confident when I went to my first acting class, but my confidence has continued to grow, and I am now comfortable in class. I highly recommend this Tanya  for any issue you may have.

Tanya, once again, thank you.”

S.T, QLD, Australia

Tanya created a calm quiet space where you feel safe to explore and see barriers that are between you and what you want. Tanya guides you through the barriers so that you can be the best version of yourself and live the life you want, Thank you, Tanya.

C.B. Berwick, Victoria, Australia

I absolutely enjoyed my experience with Tanya. I felt safe and understood which allowed me to go very deep. I felt like Tanya was able to shift blocks that may have been there longer than I have known. I loved the way I felt afterwards. It was like a weight had been lifted.

(M.H, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia)

Q. Is Be In Harmony Membership right for me?

A. This Membership is for you if you feel

Anxious and overwhelmed and want to learn how to calm yourself fast.
You want practical ways to recharge your energy.
You no long want self doubt to hold you back from achieving your dreams.
Your ready to stop feeling lonely and be supported by likeminded people.

Be In Harmony Membership is built around a complete system carefully designed to fully support you.

Stage #1 - Create Emotional Harmony

You find yourself experiencing a range of emotions.  Maybe your feeling anxious overwhelmed  stuck or emotionally depleted . It’s okay to acknowledge these emotions and give them the space they deserve. Remember, you are not alone in this journey.

At this stage, we will support to:

Developing Emotional Awareness: We will be given tool to become more attuned to your feelings and emotions. By understanding and accepting them, you can start to build a deeper connection with yourself.

Cultivating Emotional Harmony: Learning techniques to connect with and soothe your emotions will empower you to navigate life’s ups and downs more effectively. Building emotional resilience is an essential step towards a healthier and more balanced life.

Providing a Supportive Environment: Throughout this process, we will create a safe  space where you can explore your emotions freely. Our goal is to assist you in embracing your feelings with compassion and kindness.


Stage 2 #Calm your Mind

You get caught in a cycle of overthinking you feel overwhelmed because your mind is filled with incessant chatter, worries, and distarction. Your inner critic is loud and your self talk is negative and holding you back

At this stage, we support you to:

Develop awareness of your thought patterns. We give you tools to help you recognise when you’re falling into a cycle of overthinking and gain more control over your mind.

Silencing the inner critic. Learn how to calm those negative thoughts and replace them with more empowering ones. 

You’ll have a tools to support you to calm your mind fast. 


Stage 3 # Rebalancing & Restoring Your Body

 You feel your energy is easily depleted. You often feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the outside world. You find it difficult to protect your energy.

At this stage, we support you to:

Cultivate awareness of how your energy feels within your body. You will learn how to reflect on activities, environments, and people that drain your energy. We support you with tools to protect and rebalance your energy.  

Prioritize your self-care. You learn simple ways of implementing self-care into your day with ease.

Learn easy tools to rebalance and restore your energy. 


Stage 4 # Self- Awareness & Connection

You’re starting to possess a heightened sense of self-awareness, which allows you to deeply understand your thoughts, emotions, and inner energy. You are actively engaged in managing your thoughts, learning to silence that inner critic.  You feel more connected with yourself. 

At this stage, we support you to

 Connection with yourself and take conscious steps to recognize and acknowledge your thoughts, feelings and energy.  When you become overwhelming, you have the tools to calm yourself and regain inner balance.

Develop more self-awareness that supports you in understanding who you are. You are more open to learning more about yourself and embrace personal growth as a continuous journey.


Stage 5 #Self-Belief & Self-Acceptance

You believe in yourself and are not afraid to be authentically yourself. You have more control over your thoughts feelings and energy. You know how to rebalance your energy and take care of yourself.  This newfound self-acceptance brings about a sense of empowerment, allowing you to take charge of your thoughts and emotions.

At this stage we support you

With a deeper understanding of who you are, you become more self-assured and open to exploring beyond the confines of your comfort zone. You feel more confident in yourself and are willing to take on new challenges.

Thoughts and emotions may still arise, you have developed the tools to manage them effectively, creating a state of inner calm. You know how to rebalance your energy and prioritize self-care, ensuring that you maintain your mental and physical health.

You feel a genuine sense of belonging and acceptance of yourself this allows you connect with others in a deep and meaningful way. 


Best of all!!!

You have Easy access, anytime, anywhere to Your Membership

All you need is your smartphone!!! Your membership includes easy access to your hypnotherapy sessions and guided meditations.  Our community is not just another Facebook group. The community is a sacred space for you to be supported and feel connected.

Be In Harmony Membership has been carefully designed as a sanctuary  for you to calm, rebalance, and connect.

Hold On! We’re Not Done Yet

Who Doesn’t Love a FREE Gift?🎁

You Get Access to  These Incredible Bonuses as soon as you join!

The Anxiety Toolkit

(Worth $157)

Have you ever been overwhelmed  by your anxiety?

In this guide, I show you the fastest and easiest ways  to release anxiety fast.

My step-by-step guide shows you how to reduce your anxiety and feel calmer.

In this toolkit, I walk you  step by step through my proven strategies and practices for calming anxiety that can be quickly implemented  into your day. 

 Don’t let you anxiety hold you back. Learn fast and effective tools to rebalance and clam your energy. 

The Self-Care Reset Program.

(Worth $207)

This program is designed to nurture your inner introvert.

Calm down and rebalance your introverted energy. No more suffering from that introvert hangover!

Learn simple practices to support your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Over five days, you are guided with practices to calm anxiety and rebalance your energy.


Deep healing sessions

A beautiful printable self-care journal

A practice that can be implemented in your day in less than 20 minutes

Become a Member of

Be In Harmony Today!

 A safe space where you are fully supported to calm rebalance  and thrive. 

You belong here

Join us TODAY


“You’re Fully Covered”

If you are unhappy with your membership within the first 24 hours I will give you a full refund. 

So Let’s Recap . . . Here’s What You Get Inside Be In Harmony Membership

Coaching sessions from a qualified clinic hypnotherapist and counsellor. This includes a monthly theme that fully supports you with practical resources.  

Exclusive coaching from Tanya with step-by-step guidance to improve your mental physical, and emotional health.

These coaching sessions give you practices and strategies you can quickly implement to calm anxiety. 

Full Access to My Live Hypnotherapy Sessions.

Each month you get full access to my live hypnotherapy session included in your memberships. You get a personal invitation  to join the session each month included in you membership.  These sessions are designed to fully support you in calming anxiety using the power of your subconscious mind . Don’t worry if you can’t make the live session a recording is sent to all members.

Guided Meditation Sessions.

A calming morning meditation. Just hit play and be guided to release anxiety and calm the mind   You will receive a new monthly audio meditation that aligns with the monthly theme.

Access to All Three Of My Challenges

You get an all-access-free pass to my three  challenges. All-access to pass to all of my challenges. Release old patterns and behaviours. Create the change in your life by forming new habits.

Bonus #1: The Anxiety Toolkit

 Stop holding yourself back.

This guide shows you the fastest and easiest way to calm anxiety.

This step-by-step guide shows you how to calm you mind and body fast.

During this bonus, I walk you step by step  through my proven strategies and practices for calming anxiety and overwhelm. 

Bonus #2: The Self Care Reset Program 

Nurture your inner introvert.

Calm down and rebalance your introverted energy. No more suffering from that introvert hangover!

You learn simple practices to support your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Over five days, you are guided with practices to calm anxiety and rebalance your energy.

You also get a deep healing session and a beautiful printable self-care journal.

These practices can be implemented into your day in less than 20 minutes.

Membership Value ($702 Per Month)

 Bonus Value: ($377)

Total Value ($1079)

I’m not going to charge $1079

Be In Harmony Membership is only

$19 USD a month

This is a limited offer. The price will be going up when I re-open the doors again in 2024. 

Be In Harmony  Door Closes 30th of March  11:59 (AEDT)

Remaining Time To Join Us








Are Your Ready to enter into 

A Calming Sanctuary for Your Mind Body and Emotions

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