5 Day Self-Care Reset Kit

If you’ve feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious then it’s time to hit the reset button. 

Nurture yourself and give yourself the gift of self-care with a 5 day self-care reset program.

Let go of overwhelm, stress and anxiety.

Over 5 blissful days you will feel calmer and deeply cared for.

The 5-day self-care reset kit is perfect to fit into your busy day. Each module contains a guided meditation, and a self-care practice that can be implemented  into your day in less than 20 minutes.

Sound good?


This Kit is for you if:


You are feeling stressed


If you need to calm anxiety


If you’re overwhelmed


If you’re in need of self-care


If you want to feel more connected and grounded


If you want to feel deeply natured and cared for

Here is what you get over the 5 days

 A daily guided meditation practice that takes less than 15 minutes.

 A daily guided self-care practice that will take less than 10 minutes to implement into your day.

 A daily journaling prompt that encourages you to deeply connect and nurture yourself

 Tip sheets to guide you on your self-care journey

 5 beautiful self-care topics that will leave you feeling calmer, relaxed and restored.

 A BONUS- Deep healing meditation and 20% of my services.

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Release anxiety and rebalance your energy 

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