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Let me tell you about myself and how I can help you.

I have a lot of titles: registered counsellor, hypnotherapist, holistic coach, acceptance and commitment therapist, life coach, and more.

The important part is that I help introverts like you to build self-belief and overcome anxiety, fear and doubt.

Through 1:1 sessions I’ll help you reconnect with your authentic self and reach your potential in life, work and relationships.

I’m also an introvert who used to experience anxiety, So I know how it feels when doubt, anxiety and fear take over. ‘

My inner critic was loud, and it was exhausting.

As a result, I turned to alternative therapies and found a way to balance and improve my own well-being. I soon developed a passion for yoga, meditation and natural therapies.

I was amazed at the results I was getting in my own life. I had more confidence. I was motivated and got better at controlling my thoughts. I started to put myself first (that was a real game-changer).

This led me to explore how I could use these therapies to help other people. I went on to study counselling, hypnotherapy, life coaching, yoga and energy therapies.

My Approach

A Custom Blend of Therapy To Suit You

During your sessions, I incorporate a blend of therapies: Hypnotherapy, Talking Therapy, Mindfulness, Yoga Therapy and Reiki. Some of the techniques we’ll do together in our one-to-one session, and I’ll give you techniques you can practice as a daily routine and whenever you feel anxious.

I have a long list of qualifications (which you can see below). Most importantly, this means I can combine a broad range of techniques to suit your preferences, and your specific situation because you are unique and wonderful (and if you don’t believe that, I will help you believe it about yourself).

My Aim

I’m here to give you the skills to overcome your limiting beliefs and reconnect with your authentic self.

And since you’re an introvert, it’s possible that you’ve been trying to squeeze yourself into a persona that other people expect of you, rather than being who you really are. This is holding you back and, when you’re ready, you can start living in alignment with your values.

Learn to be “Authentically and unapologetically you”.

Right now, you’re experiencing anxiety and fear of change, and that’s OK because it’s temporary. I’ll help you move through this uncomfortable stage until you have a deep connection with yourself.


Gentle Therapy Style: 

I’m an empathetic, calm and relaxed therapist. Rest assured, I’m not a “rah-rah” therapist, because that’s not me and I understand that approach doesn’t work for everyone.

My approach is flexible, intuitive and insightful, and a little bit spiritual, but on a practical level.

I bring all these approaches together to create a practical workable action plan for my clients. I believe it’s about seeing my clients for the unique and amazing people they are.

That’s why I use a combination of therapies to give you a personalized therapy program, so you can get the best results from my services.

This Style of  Hypnotherapy and Counselling

Is Right For You If:

Often feel anxious, fearful or doubt yourself.

Feel stuck, frustrated with life and what to make a change.

Perhaps you practice mindfulness or have heard about the idea and have some interest in knowing more.

Care about living in alignment with your values.

May have experienced an internal voice known as the ‘inner critic’.

Describe yourself as an introvert; who needs time alone and to recharge your energy.

Sometimes feel a bit lost and that your life is out of control.

Might have an interest in spirituality and practice it in your own way.

Have a dream that you want to pursue, but you hold yourself back.


Kind Words

My counselling sessions with Tanya were an amazing experience. The different therapies helped me to heal and learn strategies for managing my own wellbeing. Tanya as a therapist has a lot of integrity and empathy. I found her to be intuitive and insightful. During my sessions, I had the space to express myself. I felt listened to and understood. I would recommend Tanya as a therapist to any time that wants to heal and create real change in their life.

(J .C, Monbulk Victoria, Australia)

I’m a busy mum when I first came to Tanya my life was chaotic. Through my therapy sessions, I was able to finally see how I was putting everyone else’s needs before mine. Through my sessions with Tanya, I was able to discover and give myself permission to tended to my needs. Tanya was able to guide me in a gentle, supportive way. I love the different therapy styles that Tanya used, I really felt cared for during my sessions.

(K. B, Victoria, Australia)

I experienced six therapy sessions with Tanya. The benefits I received from each session gave me an insight into the emotions I had been experiencing in different situations in my life. I learning to understand and handle these emotions to benefit my well-being. The sessions allowed me to be in tune with my thoughts, emotions, and actions. Tanya offered support and the space to evaluate and improve my life. The sessions assisted me to be more in control not feel so overwhelmed. Now I know when challenges came up and I can handle the situation in a more positive way due to the sessions. Learning about myself in a positive environment with a caring, non-judgement and supportive therapist, was a wonderful experience for me.

(A B, Mornington , Victoria, Australia)

“Thank you Tanya so much for the session. I really felt a difference afterwards; I was ready to face an upcoming challenge which I had previously thought I wasn’t up to, as I didn’t have the confidence. Not only was I calm and quietly confident when I went to my first acting class, but my confidence has continued to grow, and I am now comfortable in class. I highly recommend Tanya for any issue you may have. Tanya, once again, thank you.”

V.S Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Tanya created a calm quiet space where you feel safe to explore and see barriers that are between you and what you want. Tanya guides you through the barriers so that you can be the best version of yourself and live the life you want, Thank you, Tanya.

C.B. Berwick, Victoria, Australia

I absolutely enjoyed my experience with Tanya. I felt safe and understood which allowed me to go very deep. I felt like Tanya was able to shift blocks that may have been there longer than I have known. I loved the way I felt afterwards. It was like a weight had been lifted.

(M.H, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia)

Professional  Qualifications


Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy 

Diploma of Counselling

Certificate IV in Life Coaching 

Diploma of Holistic Counselling

Certificate Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

♦  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

Diploma of Hatha Yoga

Diploma in Mindfulness

Certificate in Thought Field Therapy Algorithms (TFT)

Certificate Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Reiki level 1 and 2

Bachelor of Early Childhood

Professional Memberships

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