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An Introverts Guide to Pursuing Your Passion

As an introvert, you can be quick to talk yourself out of pursuing your passion. That little voice in your head loves to jump in and list all the reasons why you shouldn’t pursue what you truly want. Your passion and dreams! That voice gets louder and louder. Maybe it...

The Pathway of change

The Pathway of Change (A guide to navigating change in your life) At one point or another, we need to walk the pathway of change. Change is never easy. I will admit I never enjoy change. I like it when things are predictable and I have a plan. I will confess I like to...

How to Reduce Anxiety Naturally

Have you ever been harsh or critical with yourself?  Learn how to reduce anxiety naturally and instantly. Anxiety is something most of us will struggle with at one point or another in our lives.  The sudden sensation of racing heart,  fast shallow breaths, the mind...

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A Guided To Self -Compassion

A Guided To Self -Compassion

Many of us struggle with self-compassion. I personally view myself as a compassionate person, but self-compassion is something I have struggled with, in my own life. I’ve had to learn the skills of how to be kind and compassionate towards myself. Self-compassion takes...

A Journey of Self Reflection

A Journey of Self Reflection

  Recent events have touched us all in a deep and profound way. We have been forced to slow down and withdraw from our fast pace way of life. The life we once knew of filling every minute of every day with busy busy … came to a grinding halt. Without the busyness...



Developing a sense of connection to ourselves is about having a stronger sense of awareness of who we truly are.  Our unique strengths, gifts, and ideas.  It means going within and not looking outside of ourselves to fill the sense of connection. Often we look to the...

Welcome To Be In Harmony Blog

On this blog you will find content designed to help you let go of anxiety and discover how to be a more confident you.  I hope to inspire you through this blog to feel calm, confident and authentically you.


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A Free Sleep Hypnotherapy

Calm Anxiety wile you sleep

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