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Are You Ready To Break Free From The Cycle Of Anxiety?

Welcome, to Be In Harmony where you will find the resources and tools to release Anxiety, Stress and Exhaustion.

Let me help you to reclaim feelings of balance and harmony in your life!


Let me guide you to:

Take Control of Your Anxious Feelings
Calm Social Anxiety and Overstimulation.
Relieve Burnout and Rebalance Your Nervous System
Sleep Well and Relieve Insomnia
Eliminate Your Phobias and Fears
Release Overthinking and Calm Your Negative Self Talk
Alleviate Your Pain Naturally
Relief From IBS
Achieve Your Ideal Bodyweight and Stop Emotional Eating.

(Weight Loss Program)

Be Smoke Free and Calm. Stop Using Smoking To Control Your Anxiety.

(Quit Smoking Program)

Tanya Francois

Hi I’m Tanya

Hello, and Welcome,

It’s so nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by!

Allow me to share a little glimpse of who I am.

I’m a certified hypnotherapist, a compassionate counsellor, and a holistic coach.

This unique blend of therapies allows me to create a tailored approach for each of my clients.

One thing you should know about me is I’m calm, empathetic and a great listener.  I think this is my superpower.

My clients tell me they enjoy the sense of calmness and grounding they experience in our sessions.

My Journey 

I’ve had my personal journey with anxiety and self-confidence.

I truly understand that overwhelming sensation when, anxiety, starts to dominate.

You know that feeling when your inner critic drains your energy?

As I navigated my own challenges with anxiety, I recognized that I needed to find a way to overcome these feelings and the constant sense of doubt.

I discovered the potential of Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy, Counselling, Yoga, and Somatic Therapy. These therapies became my pillars in managing  my anxiety.

Be In Harmony is a sanctuary where I blend my counselling, hypnotherapy, and coaching expertise to guide clients to create the lasting change they desire.


It’s Time To Transform Your Life 


One To One Sessions

I offer a powerful blend of therapies that support you in making lasting changes to your anxiety with ease. Book a one-to-one session and I will create a personalised plan for your unique needs and goals.


Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest and safest ways to make lasting changes to your health. Ready to take control of your health? Learn more about my transformational Weight Loss Program or Quit Smoking or Vaping Program.

Live Online Sessions

Each month I hold a live online session.  In this guided session, I share a blend of hypnotherapy, journaling and energy healing. The sessions support you to heal, rebalance and recharge your energy.

NDIS Services

We welcome NDIS participants for Counselling and Hypnotherapy sessions. You can access our one-to-session, weight loss program and quit smoking or vaping program.

NDIS sessions are billed under the NDIS Counselling Item number.

What is required before NDIS Counselling or Hypnotherapy sessions?

Confirmation that counselling is covered by your NDIS plan.

Be In Harmony will provide NDIS participants with:

  • A detailed Intake form to complete that includes client’s NDIS information.
  • A Welcome Pack
  • Service Agreement
  • Support Plan

 Join Be In Harmony Membership!

Be In Harmony Membership

“Harmonize Your Mind, Body and Emotions”

Think of Be In Harmony Membership as your sanctuary you can access anytime you need to rebalance and calm your mind, body and emotions.

It’s available all in one place 24/7.

In as little as 15 minutes a day, you have access to the tools to transform your life from overwhelm to calm.

Join my Monthly Membership to access Coaching, Meditations, Sleep Hypnotherapy Sessions, and A Private Supportive Community.

Including free access to my Monthly live online sessions

Plus Full all-access pass to all three of my challenges!

A toolkit you can reach for any time you need to rebalance and harmonize your body mind, and emotions.

Realign your energy and feel a deep sense of calm and harmony today!

Tanya Francois

Let’s Chat

If you want to know more about the different therapies, checkout my Work With Me page.

Want to have a chat before we work together? Get in touch with me directly here.

I’ll introduce myself and tell you more about how your therapy sessions work, so you can ask any questions and decide if we’re a good fit.


[email protected]

Ph: 0402 405 400


Berwick, Victoria


Professional Memberships

Let’s Get Social


I have created these beautiful free resources to help you:

  •  Release Anxiety
  •  Rebalance your energy
  •  Calm your mind
  •  Create a sense of balance and harmony


I hope you enjoy them!

Release Anxiety While You Sleep

 As you drift into a deep sleep release anxiety and enjoy a peaceful healing sleep. 


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