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Thought Field  Therapy (TFT)

What is Thought Field Therapy ?

 Thought Field therapy is a mind-body treatment developed by clinical psychologist, Dr. Roger Callahan. It is a brief and effective treatment, that provides you with the emotional freedom to move forward in every area of your life.

Thought Field Therapy uses nature’s therapeutic system to balance the body’s energy system. It is an effective therapy for the rapid and natural healing of negative emotions and improves mental health.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is like a no-needle acupuncture therapy once you have learn TFT you can use it for self-healing.

The therapy involves tapping with the fingers at meridian points on your upper body and hands. Your therapist will guide you through a sequence of Algorithms for you specific problem. While you’re tapping on the meridian points, you focus on the thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations that they want to get rid.  Your therapist will be there to support you though the whole process. The aim is to bring down the leave discomfort associated with your area of concern.



The great thing about TFT once you have learn the algorithm you can use it to treat yourself any time you needed it. Thought field therapy brings about a great sense of clarity, balance and calm to your life.  You become your own therapist.

How can Thought Field  Therapy help you?

Thought Field Therapy helps to

 Reduce Stress,

 Calm anger and resentment

 Reduce and Phobias,

 Manage Anxiety,

 Release Guilt,

 Manage Depression,

 Reduce overthink and Worry

 Manage Obsessive behaviours

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