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An Introverts Guide to Pursuing Your Passion

An Introverts Guide to Pursuing Your Passion

As an introvert, you can be quick to talk yourself out of pursuing your passion.

As an introvert, you can be quick to talk yourself out of pursuing your passion. That little voice loves to tell you all the reasons why you should stay in your comfort zone and not pursue what you truly want. Your passion and dreams!

That voice gets louder and louder. Maybe it sounds something like this… I’m not confident enough, I’m too quiet I’m too shy, I don’t know where to begin. I’m not extroverted enough. Who wants to hear what I have to say. I’m not interesting enough. The voice goes on and on until you talk yourself out of taking the first step towards your passion. It can feel like a constant battle inside your mind, back and forth. Untimely holding yourself back from pursuing your passion.

Just because you are, an introvert does not mean that you have to put your passion and dreams on hold. You have so much within you to share. Don’t let that voice in your mind, fill you with self-doubt or hold you back. You have your unique way of sharing your gifts and passion with the world. You may not be loud and extroverted. But you have your own beautiful way of communicating . It’s time to allow yourself to pursue that passion you have put on hold for so long.

The first step to pursuing a passion is to get clear about what you are passionate about.

Let’s start with the big question. You want to be crystal clear about what you are passionate about, your hopes and dreams for your life.

Take out your journal, or a piece of paper and start by answering these questions:

What are you passionate about?

What do you love to do?

What lights you up?

Who or what do you want to give back to?

It may be helpful to take some time free write in your journal about your passions. Don’t overthink it or edit your writing.  Allows the words to flow onto the page.

Freewriting often provides amazing insights. Because you’re not trying to censor or control the experience.

Give it a go and see what come through for you.

Once you have answered these questions you have a clearer guide about what your passion is. Remember your passion will be unique to you. Don’t allow yourself to get caught in the comparison trap and try to fit into what you see others doing. You have your own specific talents, gifts and dreams that are meant for you. Define exactly what you are passionate about; you may have more than one passion. Good for you!

Step two requires you to dive a little deeper and look at yourself honestly.

Now you’re clear about what your passion is. Let’s explore a little more.

How do you hold yourself back from pursuing that passion?

This is no time to hideaway. You need to get real with yourselves. Your passion is too important.

Answer this question :

How are you holding yourself back from pursuing your passion or passions?

You’re the only one who knows the truth about how you hold yourself back. Explore all the ways you hold yourself back. Is it confidence, self-doubt, negative self-talk? Make a list of how you hold back. Create the time and space to understand how you hold back, from pursuing your passion.

We can often get stuck in our own way. We ruminate over and over again in our mind all the reasons why we shouldn’t or couldn’t do what we are passionate about.  We block ourselves and feel defeated before we even begin. By being aware of the tactics your mind uses to hold you back in your comfort zone. You can quickly defuse your thoughts process and get back on track to pursuing that passion of yours.

Now you have more insight about the favorite tactic you use to hold back. Are you ready to let go of what is holding you back?

 It will mean you need to face some uncomfortable feelings and step outside your comfort zone. This can feel unsettling and scary. Your reaction could be to back away and tell yourself it’s all too hard. Another tactic the mind will use to try and keep you within the place that stays the same and predictable.

But your passion is worth it. Please please know that you are worth it. The awareness of your thoughts, feeling and emotions, is a critical step. It allows you to recognize and letting go of what is holding you back.

Understand you’re why.

This is step three.  At this stage of your journey, take small steps. Be kind to yourself. Your mind will come up with lots of reasons why you shouldn’t pursue this passion. Be ready for it. You are more aware and prepared to recognize the tricks the mind plays to stop you from moving forward.

The secret to being ready is to be clear about your “why” Your why is the reason you want to pursue this passion.

Ask yourself right now why do you want this?

What makes pursuing your passion important to you?

Take to reflect and understand why YOU want this. It will set you up for success as you embark on this journey of pursuing your passion.

Remind yourself not to look to the outside world to give you yours why. Only you hold the answer to why this is important to you. You’re why is unique to you. Be very clear with yourself why you want to pursue this passion.

Once you have your why you have an amazing tool you can draw upon anytime you try and hold yourself back. Your why will be your reason to keep moving towards achieving this passion. Write you’re why down somewhere you can see it. It will act as a reminder when you face the challenge of that little voice. That creeps in expertly and tries to come up with a reason why you shouldn’t keep going with your passion.

The final step .

Say YES!

You want to make this a double yes. Say yes to your passion and say yes to yourself. Give yourself permission to bring your passion alive. To create what you want. By saying yes to you and your passion, you give yourself another tool to overcome self-doubt. Saying yes helps you to find the inspiration to take the next steps towards that passion of yours.

Move towards that passion of yours. Your a fully aware that that voice in your mind will come up with all sorts of reasons why you shouldn’t pursue your passion. You’re ready for it, you have the tools and awareness to keep moving towards that passion with confidence and purpose.  Go and take the first step today!

Small steps in the right direction towards your passion can turn out to be the biggest steps to changing  your life


Resources to support you

Free guided hypnotherapy for Manifesting your dreams and passion. Listen here 

Hope you feel inspired to start pursuing your passion. If you need more support, please click here

The Pathway of change

The Pathway of change

A guide to navigating change in your life)

At one point or another, we need to walk the pathway of change.

Change is never easy. I will admit I never enjoy change. I like it when things are predictable and I have a plan.

I will confess I like to feel I am in control.

Our world has gone through a massive change and so many have felt the impact on a global scale.

When we experience change, it feels scary and unstable. The mind likes to keep us safe. It will often bring up thoughts that fill us with fear. Not helpful! but the mind thinks it’s doing a good job at keeping us safe from harm. The mind likes to keep things familiar and predictable. The reality is most of us like to have some predictability in our life.

When a change in your life occurs, how do you manage it is the question.

Change is like walking down an unfamiliar pathway. We are met with an uncertainty of where it will lead, we may encounter detours, and we are not too sure of what we will encounter along the way. Deep down we hope the change will lead to something even better in our life. Yet, that uncertain voice inside of us will present all the “what-if scenarios”. We like to be prepared and have a plan in case something goes wrong.

While we are walking the pathway of change how do we navigate the array of feelings and thoughts that come up?

Here are three practices that can help you with navigating change in you life

1. Discover the resources you have within you

We all go through many phases of change within our lifetime. Reminding ourselves that we have been through change before. Think for a moment about who you are today. All the changing versions of yourself, you have experienced over your lifetime.

A great way to recognise what changes you have been through is to look back and think about all the changes you have gone through .

Take out a piece of paper find a quiet place and allow 15 minutes to create your change list.

Write down a list of all the changes you can think of that you have gone through up until today.

From the list look at the item think about either the lessons or the resources, you have gained from that change. There will be a mixture of positive change and change that may have difficult for you. Even from change that was difficult, some of the great’s lessons emerge. It can feel tough when you are going through change. But once you’re on the other side you have learned and grown from the experience.

That’s why this practice is so powerful. It reminds us that even in difficult circumstances. We raise to the challenge and get through the change. We have the resources within us we have been through change before and we survived.

2. Opening up the change.

The more we resist change the more difficult we make it for ourselves. While we know this on a conscious leave, we still seem to love to resist change. We want to stay in our comfort zone where it is familiar and safe. But change is enviable. Everything changes no matter how much we want to keep it the same. Life is constantly evolving, let us make it easier on ourselves by opening up to change. Being open to change allows us the grace to be present and to feel what is coming up.

Sit with the feeling and allowing the feeling to be there. It may feel uncomfortable. But have you noticed the more you try and resist the more uncomfortable the feeling becomes? Try allowing the feeling to be there. Bring your attention to the feeling and breath into it. Then allow yourself to open up to the feeling, without pushing it away, allow any feeling to be there as it is. Without pushing or fighting. Continue to observe any sensations you feel. If the feeling changes that is ok. If it doesn’t change that is ok also. The goal here is not to get rid of the feeling. The aim is to allow the feeling to be there.

You may be asking what the point of this exercise is if you feel uncomfortable. This exercise is about showing you that uncomfortable feelings can arise within you. But, the more you push and try to get rid of them, the more uncomfortable and challenged your feelings. Through this struggle with feeling, you make the change more painful for yourself. By allowing the feelings to be there and being with it. You eventually drop the struggles with the feeling. You open up to and make room for the feeling. You’re making life easier for yourself. By allowing yourself to be open and flow with the change without resistance.

3. Show yourself compassion

One of the most important practices, when change happens, is to show compassion. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Take care of yourself. A simple way to show yourself compassion during times of change. Is to use compassionate hands practice.  Take your right hand and place it over your heart. Place your left hand on the upper part of your stomach. Imagine your hands are filled with loving compassionate energy. As you hold yourself with these compassionate hands. Allow yourself to take some slow deep breaths. You may want to repeat to yourself “ I am okay”

This practice can be used anytime you need to show yourself love and compassion, during challenging times.  (I have recorded a guided practice for this here 

Change within our lives is enviable. Things will change around us and within us no matter how much we want to hold onto the way things are. As you walk the pathway of change remind yourself. You have resources within you, you have been through change before. Resisting change makes, it is more difficult to allow yourself to open up to the feeling. The most important thing to remember is when you experiencing change, hold yourself with love and compassion

If you need more support with the change you are experiencing in your life please please get in touch with me or have a look at my work with me page. I would love to support you during this time.




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